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Professional Speaker
Author | Coach | Consultant | Empowerment Leader

is one of America's most profound inspirational speakers and spiritual empowerment leaders with a heart that desires to mentor and teach all that are willing to grow and learn. 

Lakita Long is an impactful speaker who always leaves her audience informed, inspired, and transformed. Her speeches and programs are known for being engaging and stimulating. Her life models her teachings and she has been on a pursuit to making this world a better place for decades. As a thought leader, author, coach, and marketplace evangelist, Lakita Long is a well rounded professional speaker who can speak to any audience. 

"Obstacles are things that are seen when you take your eyes off your goals"

This is one of the many quotes that Lakita uses to keep herself in the right space, helping her to remember the important stuff.

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Mental Health in the Church Book Bundle 

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