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Professional Speaker

Author | Empowerment Leader 

Inspirational speaker and spiritual empowerment leader with a heart that desires to motivate, inspire and empower all that are willing. Her body of work spans over two decades to include 8 published books,  8 CDs, music, radio, hundreds of live performances and thousands of speaking online. 


Like other  Women in our history, Lakita uses an informational, empowerment, and inspiring way of engaging her audience.  She tends to have an approach, deal and confront mindset in her speaking coupled with a softness that steals your heart. Her style is true to her first love of "teaching" her main objective which is helping people to "think outloud" through recognizing their strengths, and building from that platform. Lakita is gracious, yet outspoken, inspiring, raw, transparent, compassionate, energetic and an advocate, which are just a few of the common adjectives used when describing Lakita Long. 

Her last book, Starting Over and Loving It, chronicles snippets of the uneducated decision she made, that literally almost costed her everything; including her life. It explores the push that it took to continue her own personal journey, and the will to help others have the courage to leave anything that threatens their life giving them permission to start over again, anytime. Although the world has not had the opportunity to fully watch her display her God given talents, her community has, and knows first hand the extraordinary gift that she is, and will be in the years to come.

Today, Lakita is the mother of the wonderful teenage children, the host of I Speak Life Broadcast, Brand Builder for Women Entrepreneurs, Creator of Walk It Off Girl Wellness Brand and Program, Founder, Writer and Content Contributor for Mental Health in the Church, an Author, Inspirational Speaker, Mental Health Coach and Business Consultant.  Lakita is living example that God still performs miracles. Lakita has always been known to dig deep when others remain on the surface.  For years, she has had the ability to tap into the minds, hearts, and spirits of individuals and create riveting conversations where she applies psychological concepts and biblical trues to bring forth inner healing and life style wellness. 

Known as a "Wellness Curator" who enjoys creating wellness spaces, so that people live better, she is a trainer in Corporate settings helping to bring balance and advocacy for all things Mental Health.  

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