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Lakita’s infectious spirit of inspiration and motivation makes her a magnet for being an agent of change, transformation, and spiritual empowerment. Her lectures, training, and one on one sessions tend to feel like a full year experience, yielding great results for those who dare to do the work on self, without inflicting harm on others.  Totally dedicated to eradicating the need for living in ignorance, or mental fatigue, she devotes her time to helping people become mentally and spiritually well, through advocacy and use of psychological concepts and biblical truths.  Her work around Depression, Anger Management, Counseling With A Purpose, Bully Prevention, At-Risk Youth and Girl Empowerment have helped thousands of individuals throughout her 30 years of doing this work. Her ability to work with anyone, and on any level makes her valuable when it comes to bringing energy to individuals, or a team in an organization.  


  • Change In A Chaotic World

  • Trauma in the Workplace

  • Burnout versus Compassion Fatigue

  • Psychological Safety


  • ​The Power of NOW

  • Change Your Life

  • Speak With A Purpose

  • Finish What U Start

  • Spirit Led Leadership: ​                                      Leading From The  Inside Out

Live An Inspired Life! 

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